- Automated Passenger Security Screening
   Fast and Simple Passenger Manifest Processing
CheckTSA is the first recognized provider of TSA SECURE FLIGHT
"ready" systems.
Certified to Process and Transmit U.S. CBP APIS "AQQ"!
Certified to process Canadian (CBSA), Caribbean (CARICOM), Cuba, Dominican Republic and Bermuda API.
Certified by US CBP for PART-91 and PART-125 APIS!
Crew APIS Reporting and automatic eAPIS MCL importing
Easy and Automated Passenger "Hit" Resolution
Advanced Artificial Intelligence System Even Finds "Close" Passenger Name Matches, including most Nick-Names
Manifests and Results are Archived for TSA Compliance
Copy/Paste Manifest Listings from Excel, Word, eMail, etc. and also Supports Standard PNL and other IATA Formats
Web-Based System allows Remote Management and Processing
Airport and Employee Screening!
Aviation Technologies, Inc. is proud to introduce – a state-of-the-art on-line “TSA No-Fly / Selectee” passenger lookup and screening (vetting) automation system.

CheckTSA is certified by USCBP for APIS QUICK QUERY "AQQ", and is the first to provide operational real-time TSA SECURE FLIGHT systems utilizing our APIS1 "ONE SOLUTION" system.

Quick and easy check-in for both US Domestic and International flights includes plug-and-play passport, driver's licenses, and other MRZ travel document scanning capabilities. Average total processing time per passenger can be under 15 seconds -- including scanning the ID, automatically finding the passenger, and processing the passenger in real-time for clearance!

We also have complete SECURE FLIGHT compatible check-in systems, complete with boarding pass printing capabilities, in addition to other solutions that can interface into your existing systems.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States Department of Homeland Security administers regulations governing aviation security as set forth in 49 CFR Parts 1500 to 1550. uses an up-to-date encrypted comparison system using our secure servers located at a DHS approved secure data center. allows you to check a single passenger or your entire passenger manifest with a few simple mouse clicks saving you hours of tedious manual cross-referencing each time you need to check and recheck each manifest.

The system also databases your passenger manifests allowing you to easily recheck the manifests at different intervals allowing you time and opportunity to clear names that may be questionable. Because the is web-based, you can perform your security checks remotely from any internet-enabled location at any time without any special software requirements.

The system records every vetting transaction. The entire manifest and the results are encrypted and archived each time a check is performed and includes the reference IDs used, the date and time the check was performed, and the user who performed the check. has also been authorized by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security to process and transmit passenger APIS data for U.S. carriers that fly into and out of the United States. The APIS processing seemlessly interfaces with your passenger manifest lists, validates your passenger data, and automatically e-mails you a copy of the transmission submitted to the CBP APIS system for your own records.

YOU are just moments away from knowing that your company is in compliance with the MANDATORY TSA directives that keep this country safe. Just fill out the *application and you will be on your way.

*   All applicants must posess TSA Watchlist vetting security clearance to perform TSA Watchlist functions and application must be signed by a person with the authority from your company to perform the safety and security functions for your company.

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